Está a nevar em Helsinquia


Winter made a first appearance on the streets of Helsinki this morning, Friday. Sleet greeted early morning commuters, and according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute snow fell in many parts of the country during the night and early morning.
      There was snow in Lapland, in the southern districts of Kainuu and in Northern Karelia close to the Russian border. The white stuff, mixed with driving sleet, also reached down to Western Finland and the Tampere area.
The most southerly place to have actual snow lying was Lahti. In Uusimaa Province, most of the precipitation took the form of flurries of lseet, although as the accompanying video shows, there was enough rather wet-looking white material in Hyvinkää to arrest the drive to work for a minute or two.
      The most recent occasions when a decent dump of snow covered the southern parts of the country in the first half of October were in 2002 and 1992.
Motorists are warned that conditions in the south of the country could be hazardous, particularly for those with summer tyres. Winter tyres may be used on all vehicles from the beginning of November until immediately after the Easter holiday, and they are compulsory from December 1st until the end of February.
      Police and traffic safety authorities also note that these dates, whilst binding in their way, are as such less relevant than the road conditions: winter tyres should also be used when weather conditions demand it.

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