A noite de S. Bartolomeu do séc. XX

Por razões óbvias de datas, deixo aqui os primeiros dois parágrafos da foreword de Amanda Foreman (ela própria autora de uma biografia da irreverente e original Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire que eu apreciei deveras há anos atrás) e Lisa Jardine ao livro Kristallnacht, de Martin Gilbert.

 “On 10 November 1938 a coordinated rampage of violence was unleashed against the Jews of Germany. In twenty-four hours of mayhem and wanton destruction, tens of thousands of Jewish shops and homes were ransacked. Jews going about their ordinary business in streets across Germany were chased, reviled, set upon and beaten up. Ninety-one Jews were killed. More than 30.000 Jewish man between the ages of sixteen and sixty – a quarter of all Jewish man still in Germany – were arrested and sent to concentration camps. A thousand synagogues were burned to the ground, their holy objects desecrated and destroyed, their sacred books burned. All these acts of intimidation and brutality were carried out ostensibly in outrage against the assassination in Paris of a German diplomat, by a young relative of a Polish Jewish family forcibly expelled from Germany some weeks earlier.

The event – which quickly came to be known as Kristallnacht, the night of the broken glass – was widely reported in the international press, which reacted with revulsion to what it had witnessed. It marked the moment at which Nazism could no longer be regarded as anything but a malign political force, the moment at which it lost any residual semblance of respectability as a grassroots political movement. The civilised world was outraged.”

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