Salvar a Globalizacao Dos Seus Patetas


“… Going forward, there can be few more important things than to maintain a global economic environment that is as enabling in the future as it has been in the recent past. This requires that we interpret the reasons behind the post-1950 boom appropriately. A simple “it’s all due to globalization” view receives little support from Figure 1. It is significant that the world economy experienced a more significant boost during 1950-73 than it did during either the post-1990 period of gung-ho globalization or the transition period between 1973-90. Second, and perhaps even more tellingly, the countries that did best under each one of these periods were hardly poster children for open markets and laissez-faire economics. These countries combined orthodoxy on some (mostly macroeconomic) policy fronts with a good bit of heterodoxy on others (especially in microeconomic policies)…”

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