Bater No Ceguinho (II)

“… Wouldn’t it be nice if, just once, the Bushies could refrain from trying to con the public?”

Querem saber mais? Entao cliquem laa onde diz:

 “… In 2001, the Bush administration used the impending recession as an excuse to cut taxes for upper-income Americans – the very group that had done so well over the preceding quarter-century. The cuts were not intended to stimulate the economy, and they did so only to a limited extent (…) The day of reckoning has come. This time we need a stimulus that stimulates. The question is, will the president and Congress put aside politics to get the job done?”

Daa agora para perceber porque ee que o outro dizia:

 “…Discredited, radical-right supply-siders from President Ronald Reagan’s first-term circus came out of retirement to ask again for no taxes on the earnings of capital in favor of reliance for vital government services on flat taxes on wage earners…”

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