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“You remember January. That’s when Obama trounced Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses, and more or less every commentator on the planet pronounced the Democratic primary a done deal. After Iowa, polls showed Obama in the lead in New Hampshire. … Continuar a ler


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“The liberal women I know–and most of the women I seem to know are liberal–loathe Sarah Palin. They don’t merely dislike her, the way one tends to dislike politicians whose views are not one’s own, they actively detest her. When … Continuar a ler

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“Palin’s appeal is not that hard to define. She’s neither outspoken nor eloquent. And the conservatism she espouses is fairly conventional. It’s who she is–her story, her biography–that has stirred fascination and enables her to connect with voters. She’s a … Continuar a ler

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Pena para o suposto proselitismo? Morte a sangue-frio

“A British female aid worker shot dead on the street in Kabul this morning had only recently been pulled back to the Afghan capital because of security fears over her charity’s Kandahar office. Gayle Williams, 34, from London, was gunned … Continuar a ler

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