Dress for Success

At least the Bank of England has recognised a truth often overlooked by really clever people, which is this: what you wear matters. In a recession it really, really matters. Whereas a five-year-old would once have had difficulty in not finding a job, now there are going to be 750 wildly overqualified candidates competing for everything. We’ll all need whatever ammo we can get hold of.

And so, more than 40 years after Edith Head, the scary, Oscar-winning Hollywood costume designer wrote How to Dress for Success, 34 years after John T. Molloy penned the much bossier-sounding Dress for Success and at least a decade after we all stopped dressing for success on the ground that it sounded ridiculous and outmoded, like something that all the secretaries on Mad Men might do, Dressing For Success appears to be making a comeback. And where Dressing For Success lurks, can that other much-derided 1980s term, Power Dressing, be far behind, and not in an ironic or sexist way?”


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